Water Park Kesämaa

Kesämaa, water and amusement park, is situated right next to Punkaharju Resort.  At Kesämaa you can race as fast as you can in the pedal car park, jump down from the crocodile’s jaws, bump into your neighbour’s boat with permission, or you can just chill out.

In addition to good customer service, our goals at Kesämaa are safety, cleanness, and ensuring that both children and grown-ups enjoy the park. Our principles in planning the park are based on allowing children to be active. There are activities to keep even the youngest children busy. Based on feedback and our growing number of customers, we can say we have succeeded in reaching our goals, but we still want to continuously improve our park.

In addition to 1-day tickets you can buy tickets in series or a ticket for several days in order to enjoy the park for as long as you wish.

There is plenty to do at Kesämaa even when the weather is cooler. Dozens of activities await you. Welcome!

Kesämaa is open 18.6. - 11.8.2018

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