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Four-bed camping summer house


Camping in Finland is an excellent way to enjoy pureness and beauty local nature. Besides, it's always interesting and unforgettable experience!

One of the biggest advantages of camping in Finland is a good price. Staying here will cost lower than booking in traditional hotels. And another advantage is that camping is often located at picturesque places on the shore of lakes or rivers. If you are looking for as a such type of holiday you should visit the Punkaharju Resort!

A comfortable summer 4-bed camping house will be good for tourists of all ages. Especially, young couples and families with children like to book this. Because it's a great opportunity to stay in eco place and go far away from the bustle of city life with all convenient conditions.

The finishing of summer 4-bed camping-house is made by natural wood and eco materials. It has 2 bunk beds, fridge and microwave. Also, camping house is equipped an electric heating. A kitchen, shower and toilet are located in office building in walking distance. The veranda offers amazing views of the lake. If you desired you can book a bathhouse.

Well, if you are looking for the best camping in Finland for reasonable price, the Punkaharju Resort definitely is worth visiting. Come here and enjoy all the charms of a carefree summer vacation!

Included in price
Mini terrace with lake view
Heating in the house
General service area (kitchen, toilet)
Sauna (Available from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.)
For an additional fee
Grill common area
Microwave (in house)
Refrigerator (in house)
high season
low season
18 june – 16 august
rest of the time
23 december – 12 january
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Holiday apartment for 2 p
Holiday apartment for 2+2 p
Sauna Cottage for 4 p
Hovi for 14 p
Camping cottage for 2 p
Camping cottage for 4 p
Yacht place
Bed linen 12 €/person
Breakfast basket 12€/person
2 € discount with Camping Key Europe and SF-Caravan card.
1 € discount with Camping Card International (CCI) and ADAC card.

Discounts are not valid in packages.

13.01 – 17.06 и 17.08 – 22.12
23.12-12.01 и 18.06 – 16.08
92 €/day
107 €/day
121 €/day
450 €/day
39 €/day
56 €/day
20-24 €/day
138 €/day
168 €/day
145 €/day
590 €/day
52 €/day
74 €/day
20-24 €/day
High season
Low season
Place 01.05 – 31.08
Place 01.01 – 30.04 and 01.09 – 31.12
Person fee
Children under 3 years
Electricity in winter
Electricity for yacht
16 €/day
12 €/day
5,5 €/day
6 €/day
13 €/day
6 €/day
Low/High/Extra season
92/138/172 €/day
107/168/209 €/day
121/145/179 €/day
450/590/740 €/day
39/52 €/day
56/74 €/day
20-24 €/day
6 €/day
Low season 13.01 – 17.06 и 17.08 – 22.12
High season 23.12-12.01 и 18.06 – 16.08
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
172 €/day
209 €/day
179 €/day
740 €/day
52 €/day
74 €/day
20-24 €/day
Extra season
6 €/day
6 €/day
Extra season 03.07-01.08
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