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Do you plan to spend an unforgettable vacation or camping with close friends or family and take a look at the local sights of one of the most beautiful European countries? Well, now's the right time to book Finland cottage at the Punkaharju Resort.

This vacation will be valued for everyone who is tired of bustle of city life and just wants maximum comfort and modern coziness. Finland cottage rentals on the shore of Finnish lake even for some days gonna let to positive energize and get pleasure emotions for a whole year! A spacious four-bed cottage with own sauna is the best decision for travelers for several days, for example, for weekends. The total area of cottage composes 25 m2. There is a stylish kitchen-living room, bathroom, toilet, sauna and 4 comfortable sleeping places. The cottage is situated near a picturesque shoreline at the territory of resort.

Modern finishing from eco materials, panoramic windows are gonna let you to enjoy the beauty of nature far away from city noisy.

The cottage is equipped with all necessary domestic appliances: fridge, TV, stove, coffee maker, microwave. A well-thought-out layout with its own sauna and a large terrace, which opens up an incredible view of the lake, can provide a good rest and a good mood.The interior of the four-place cottage is made in traditional Finnish style.

If you are planning your travelling, so Finland cottage rentals without intermediaries is the best to do in advance. We are sure that vacation in one of the cozy cottages of the Punkaharju Resort will make you and your loved ones feel good!

For an additional fee
Bed linen
Cozy terrace
high season
22 june - 6 august
1 may - 21 june | 7 august - 30 september
Extra bed
Extra bed for children
Studio apartment Topelius
Apartment Topelius
Finland cottage
Hovi cottage
2 bed camping summer house
4 bed camping summer house
Yacht place
Bed linen 12 €/person, extra bed 20 €
Extra bed for children 10 €
Breakfast 12€/person
2 € discount with Camping Key Europe and SF-Caravan card.
1 € discount with Camping Card International (CCI) and ADAC card.

Discounts are not valid in packages.
9.1 – 28.4 | 30.10 – 22.12
29.4-21.6 | 7.8-29.10
75 €/day
85 €/day
449 €/day
83 €/day
96 €/day
114 €/day
449 €/day
53 €/day
75 €/day
20-24 €/day
High season
Low season
Place 01.05 – 31.08
Place 01.01 – 30.04 and 01.09 – 31.12
Person fee
Children under 3 years
Electricity in winter
Electricity for yacht
18 €/day
14 €/day
6 €/day
7 €/day
13 €/day
low/high/extra season
75/83/158 €/day
85/96/198 €/day
-/114/165 €/day
449/449/510 €/day
-/53/62 €/day
-/75/79 €/day
20-24 €/day
7 €/day
Low season 9.1 – 28.4 | 30.10 – 22.12
High season 29.4-21.6 | 7.8-29.10
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
Низкий/Высокий сезон
22.6-6.8 | 23.12-7.1.2023
158 €/day
198 €/day
165 €/day
510 €/day
62 €/day
79 €/day
20-24 €/day
Extra season
7 €/day
7 €/day
Extra season 22.6-6.8 | 23.12-7.1.2023
Hi-tech cottage
493 €/day
493 €/day
537 €/day
493/493/537 €/day
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