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Horse riding


Horse riding is very popular among tourists in Finland. Such leisure is available at any time of the year and is suitable for both beginners and experienced horse riders. Besides, children always be thankful for a such pastime.

Horse riding is accessible and pleasure way to explore beauty of Finland. Because horses can easily get to the most inaccessible places even for hiking.

The national pride is the Suoki Finnish stables, which are located throughout the country. Here you can not only learn how to ride a horse, but also use the services of an experienced instructor. Suokki is a Finnish horse that is easy and simple to drive. This breed of horse differs in its patient, calm character and great endurance. It is perfect for beginner riders.

Surroundings Saimaa is one of the most popular routes for horse riding. There are many horse trails, equipped parking lots for horses with awnings and a special area for a snack and a bonfire. You can choose a day trip on a horse or take an exciting horse ride with an overnight staying. It all depends on your preferences and capabilities. In summer, horse riding can be diversified by swimming in lake Saimaa with a horse.

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