Cycling through Finland is the best way to explore the local beauty and enjoy incredible views of the pristine nature. The hilly Finnish terrain is very comfortable for riding. Excellent roads are pleasant, and the beauty of the surrounding nature is fascinating and at the same time it adds strength.

If you like active pastime, you can rent new bikes at the Punkaharju Resort. It's better to think about the trip in advance. Especially, there is an opportunity to see a lot of truly incredible places!

We recommend to take a ride through the beautiful Punkaharju Range. The trails that cross this famous Finnish ridge will impress you with magnificent views of Lake Saimaa, that is the largest lake in Finland . You will enchant with a plenty of tiny islands are located on these purest waters. Cycling are very popular with tourists, but the area is amazed by its calm and natural tranquility.

You will be able to fully drop into the beauty of the original nature. Many people call the surroundings of Lake Saima as "Finnish Karelia", and you can see it yourself!

You can order the service at the reception


15€ - day, 20€ - 24h.
You can make a reservation at the Paviljonki restaurant,

WApp./puh.+ 358 44 3231610
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