Aquapark Kesamaa

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Dear customers! Aquapark Kesämaa and our adventure park are open mon-sat 7.8-12.8.2023 from 11 am to 4 pm. Welcome!
Dear customers! Aquapark Kesämaa and our adventure park are closed 6.8.2023

Kesamaa is a aquapark in Punkaharju Resort that is adored by locals and tourists of all ages. It's an ideal place for vacations with family. Kesaamaa is an open park where you can find more than 40 options of different entertainments: roller coasters, water rides, a heated pool and much more. For children there are special playgrounds and climbing walls. Also, Kesamaa has several different pools with attractions. Teenagers love to ride bikes here, arranging fun competitions. Adults can relax on the artificial lake by renting a boat or relax in local restaurant Paviljonki.

If you are looking for the best aquapark in Finland, where you can spend all day, then Kesamaa is worth visiting! Even if you come here in poor weather, you will have something to do. There are special grill gazeboes in the park, so you can take picnic with family or friends. Moreover, there are a special fenced area for sunbathing. Great importance in the aquapark is given to safety. So children can rest separate from parents.

Next to the park is a wonderful hotel the Punkaharju Resort. Here you can rent a room and have a great time. It is possible to order set meals. In the summer, a aquapark in Finland is a great option for an exciting and interesting vacation for everyone, without exception!

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