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Finland's picturesque lakes and rivers are ideal for kayaking. You can choose different lengths of routes from 5 to 100 kilometers. All of them lie between many natural islands and are surrounded by amazing natural views. You can rent a kayak, maps and necessary equipment for rafting and also use the services of an instructor who will help you with planning the optimal route. Many people enjoy such pastime in Finland. This can be an exciting family adventure or a dynamic romantic walk on the lakes.

In fact, kayaking in Finland differs from many other kayaking tours. You are in for an exciting adventure with comfortable modern equipment and visiting very beautiful places. Lake Saimaa has a diverse coastline and often changing relief, so you will always be interested.

Of course, a kayak ride also requires physical effort, but imagine how much pleasant emotions will bring the stops and picnics. In the equipped parking lots you can taste the food cooked on a fire and enjoy a real Finnish wood-burning sauna. Holidays in Finland are definitely will remain in your memory and hearts forever!

You can order the service at the reception
30 - 4 hours, 35 - a day, 40 - a day, 95 - 3 days.

Kayak for two
40 - 4 hours, 45 - day, 55 - day, 125 - 3 days
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